Elevate Your Consciousness in the Quantum Field

 with creative energies in their purest particle form, Tachyons, the real building blocks of the Universe. 


“Amazing experience to connect on a deeper level.”- L. R

“I experienced a unique and indwelling peace that resonated during the session and after. Saharah is exceptionally gifted and kind in her guidance and support.” – D.L. B.


A session inside the Tachyon chamber takes a minimum of 20 minutes and has irreversible positive effects on all aspects of one’s being. Amazing experiences have been reported, including spontaneous emotional, physical & psychological healing. Every session is unique to you and our consciousness. From our experience, emotional healing takes place before physical healing. It is suggested that you receive 3-30 minutes  consecutive sessions within a 1-month period.

 We offer Tachyon sessions in combination with Bio-photonic Light Therapy, which is Scalar in origin, a technology developed by Nikola Tesla.

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Increase Relaxation

Nourish your Cells

Harmonize mental, emotional and psycho-spiritual states

Improved mood and quality of life

Improve Health and Well Being

Energize your Energy Matrix and Bio-Field

Increase Longevity

Remove imbalances and illness

All Tachyon sessions are held at the Tachyon Healing and Education Center in North Central Austin.

Read more and Book a Session on the Crystal Stair Website 



The Crystal Stair Chamber

111 W Anderson Ln Suite D219

Austin, TX 78752


Read more and Book a Session on the Crystal Stair Website



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