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 Alleviate physical, emotional and spiritual stressors to support your navigation of life challenges with more ease and grace. 

“My life has been profoundly changed for the better. Her multiple powerfully healing modalities have helped me release trauma, clear old patterns, experience more ease and well being in my body and soothe and strengthen my spirit. She is a truly gifted agent of transformation and healing.”- M.L.


 As a professionally trained and skilled healer, I provide powerful holistic soul energy clearings & practical how-to’s that clear traumas and cellular memories, reduce pain, stress and misunderstanding while increasing vitality, meaningful connection and satisfaction at work and home. Most people experience an immediate shift. Many others report feeling “lighter” or “clean”.

I work remotely and in person with a combination of energetic tools that can release restrictive patterns and blockages that the soul has held for many lifetimes. I work with Love and Compassion, Higher Level Guidance, Archangels, Source, and Spirit in combination with my advanced training in Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring to bring about Balance, Harmony, and Freedom so that you can live a more  open, aware, loving and balanced life.  

 What an  Session looks like:

What an SRT Session looks like:

We have a conversation in person or over the phone or through a video chat system. We invite in our Higher Selves and Spirit Guides and do a complete “Preparation to Work” to ensure we are clear and neutral channels for Source healing (our own heads and will out of the way). We create a sacred shield and protective energetic space and download the entire SRT system into your Higher Self.  As the client, you set your intention and then we dive into a General Clearing to see what’s up for you. Most people need a Higher Self “Tune Up” as our they and our spirits are undergoing great changes too.

SRT rates are $120 per hour or $2 per minute with an hour booking required for New Clients.


Higher Quality of Life

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Improve Physical Energy and Health

Enhanced Spiritual Connection

More Inner Peace and Clarity

Greater Awareness

Joy and Confidence

Eliminate Phobias

Release Chronic Pain 

Heal Relationships

Increase Money Flow

Before your Clearing Session

Sit in a quiet place with pen and paper and write a numbered list of your issues and challenges.

Rate each item, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest reaction you have towards to it and 10 being the highest level that it bothers you.

For example:

1. Rush hour traffic drives me nuts! Rating- 10

2. I worry someone is going to break into my house. Rating – 10

3. I can’t sleep. Rating – 7

4. My dog keeps peeing in the house. Rating – 9

5. My business has waned, how can I increase it? Rating – 6


Your list is unique to you and your personal challenges. You do not have to share your list with me, unless the item won’t clear and needs more research. I adhere to strict confidentiality in all of my clearing sessions. I work with Source, Spirit and my (and your) Higher Self and a set of charts, a pendulum, and a specific set of questions (to start) to complete the research and clearing of dischordant programming in the subconscious mind and soul records. Most clients report feeling relieved and/or “neutral” about their challenges ” after the work. I look forward to working with you! Namaste~

Yes! I do House Clearings!

As all timelines are converging and the earth and humanity shifts, so may be the energies of our homes and work spaces. With higher level guidance, I check for dimensional rifts which can come in the form of openings, cracks, parallel universes, portals and ley lines. There may also be leftover energies from previous owners or energies from neighbors and sometimes just the land itself needs clearing. The house in itself is an entity and may need specific programming cleared or the house may have entities. All can be remedied and/or removed. Send me an email and let’s get your space cleared!

House Clearing Rates are $180/hr or $3/min. Minimum Booking is one hour.

Sliding scale available upon request, if monthly quota unmet.

When we work on a subconscious level, we have access to much more than the “known” – we are working in the quantum field of potential. The potential for healing is profound because  the work releases root causes of issues (soul programming and spirit negative potential) from ALL time frames when we spceifically ask.  Imagine that our souls have programming,  just like a computer. The SRT work facilitates the deletion of  old files and programming, clears the cache and then  installs updates and downloads new software to reboot the system.  This can get your soul system working in an optimized state so that you can on with living your life in a more healthier happier way, without the weight of karma (or dischordant soul programming).  You and your soul still have work to do, as we are co-creators but SRT helps at the deepest level, doing the heavy lifting.

You may schedule a follow-up coaching session with me to understand how to integrate these sessions into your life, after your clearing session. There may be patterns or belief systems in place that you may need to work through. I am trauma-informed and  can work with you on a somatic level to help you survey your internal self to learn to listen to the messages the mind is receiving from the body with guided meditation and advance craniosacral therapy, if you are visually inclined and enjoy this type of work. I personally love guided imagery and find that YOU can find your own answers!

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