AKA Dua has its roots in both Toltec and Egyptian cultures.

My research shows me “Ka”, in ancient Egyptian, refers to the principle of the soul of a human or a god and “Dua” is a prayer or invocation. Much of what I have read tells me that the words AKA Dua mean “ unity uttermost shown”.

My own intuition and experience has revealed greater levels of understanding of myself as a soul and an elevation of my own abilities and gifts. 

AKA Dua is referred to a Quantum Energy Technology that assists you in your Ascension Process. It elevates and connects you up to higher levels of consciousness within the Quantum Field. It is unlike any other modality as it becomes a part of you and evolves with you. AKA Dua elevates your personal gifts, supports harmony in your own life and gives you exactly what you need for your evolution and awakening process. It can be used as a healing tool for yourself and others. It can imbue and elevate your creativity and work. 

According to the Toltec legend, the AKA Dua began one seventh of an Atlantean alchemical substance called Sro, of “the power”. The Sro was a substance intended to promote evolution, which was the Atlantean’s main focus. AKA Dua was deliberately hidden for a thousand years, until 2007 Koyote the Blind, a Toltec Nahual, released it to the public in 2007 to assist our alchemical transformation and ease planetary transition.  

I am certified Level 3 AKA Dua Practitioner and can offer

attunements, activations and transmission for you at Levels 1 & 2. 

When you receive Level 1 AKA Dua transmission, you are required to work with it for 28 days, activating it daily to practice this new technology, as it becomes one with you. Most people receive 1 or 2 of the 7 frequencies at this level.  You receive the frequency that most aligns with your alchemical makeup.

After 28 days, you are eligible to receive the Level 2 transmission, which includes all of the frequencies. Once you have worked with the frequencies for some time (your guidance will lead you in perfect time and timing), you can then choose to certify with L3, which then will run all of the frequencies at once and you are also able to transmit AKA Dua to others. Moving forward with Level 4 and Level 5 is by invitation only. 

AKA Dua is only available to those with a sincere open heart with the intention to be used only for the good of all beings.

AKA is capable of facilitating profound changes on levels of your being and has been reported to significantly alter consciousness in meditation and spiritual practices and the creative process.

If you are a practitioner of a healing modality or tradition, AKA Dua will enhance the level of your practice

and take it to the next level! 


There are 7 different distinct sub-types of AKA DUA: Obsidian, Lunar, Volcanic, Solar, Oceanic, Atmosphere, Un-named or “mimic” energy; 3 are celestial (atmosphere, solar & lunar) and 3 are earthly (volcanic, obsidian & oceanic).

Rates: $100 for Level 1 Activation and $100 for Level 2 Transmission.  Activations and Transmissions are available remote and in-person. 

To learn more, please send me an email and/or do your own research and contact me if I can help answer questions, zzenout@gmail.com. Also see my Facebook page for tips. 


Strengthening, strong, heavy and grounding.  May be able to draw out mental stress and tension. Reported to help hold a charge on physical objects.


Sensual, pleasurable, uplifting and feel good.  Can help smooth erratic energy.  May help inspire kindness, forgiveness, communication, and socialization. 


Will power and transformation. May repel things you do not want.  Can be used to help warm or heat up the body. Sanitize.


Warm fuzzy feeling, like a ray of sunshine. May be used to increase feelings of love. Can connect to the energy of the Sun.


Reflective, wave-like, and cleansing. May help “rinse” things out after using another frequency or in combination  with. 


Can scramble disharmonious thoughts  and calm the mind.  May help clear spaces and can be used for good luck.  

Solar Jaguar

Solar and Lunar combined. Comforting, charismatic, confident, strong love projector. May create a positive containment shield.

Unknown or Mimic

Can copy most any type of energy. May help with downloads and integration.  Can raise intelligence.

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