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Transforming the world begins with each one of us. When we take care of ourselves at a deep level, we can then help build a better world that sustains and empowers us all. 

I do believe that each individual  can not only release themselves from struggle to open their hearts, they can also shift at deep levels when they understand root causes and take ownership of their healing to grow, change and thrive. 

Hi. My name is Saharah and my mission is to inspire, uplift and empower humanity.  I am a skilled, trained and gifted Wellness Consultant,  specializing in Intuitive Healing and Craniosacral Therapy.  I empower others through education and personalized wellness sessions. I operate a Healing Center in North Central Austin, TX.

The healing facilitation I offer is multifaceted and it’s best for us to have a conversation to customixe my offerings:

SRT – Spiritual Response Therapy is a quantum energy clearing tool -one of the most powerful tools I offer which can dump lifetimes of karmic baggage to clear soul programming and install  new life blueprints, held in-person or remote.

Craniosacral Therapy is extremely beneficial in these times of great changes.  Conscious beings, doing their own personal work, experience huge shifts with this type of bodywork. A few have reported to feel “more space” in their bodies so that they can move forward with more freedom and ease.

Massage Therapy is one of the most well-known types of relaxation, health and wellness tools to address the physical body. Tension from stress and repetitive pattern strains can inhibit us from movement and disrupt our daily lives.

Tachyon Energy Healing is a quantum technology tool and channel for high energy cosmic rays entering our solar system that can improve quality of life and re-energize your energy matrix and bio-field.

By working with me, we can find the roots of your challenges – whether it be mental, emotional, physical and/or energetic and spiritual and bring your whole self back into balance.

Craniosacral Therapy

Unwind, unravel, and recover from the stressors of everyday life with CST’s light touch. Focus on troubled areas or work the whole body for deep relaxation. Held in person at the Crystal Stair Chamber.

Tachyon Chamber

Tachyons combined with Scalar Light Therapy increases relaxation, improves wellness and corrects imbalancse and nourishes your body’s cells. Held at The Crystal Stair Chamber.

Energy Clearings

Heal your past. Nourish your present. Bless your future. Work with me at an energetic level to overcome life hurdles. Soul retrieval. Akashic Records,  Spiritual Restructuring,  DNA Activations +

Massage Bodywork

 Flowing and continuous pressure  puts you in a deep relaxation state so that you can reach  zen state of being. Each session is customized to meet your body’s needs. Held in person at the Crystal Stair Chamber.

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Tachyon Energy · AKA Dua Activations & Transmissions

Energy Clearings · Massage & Bodywork · Craniosacral Therapy


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Licensed and Insured in the State of Texas
License # MT132976

International Alliance of Healthcare Practitioners

American Massage Therapy Association Member

Saharah Elizabeth Grace Aguilar   LMT, CST, SER, SRT, Wellness Consultant

“Saharah is professional, fantastic, gifted, down to earth, knowledgeable and insightful on many levels. I highly recommend a massage treatment including reiki and cranial sacral therapy.”


“Energy clearing sessions have brought profound awareness and understanding and has allowed me to break self-limiting patterns and to start living up to my life’s potential that God had intended for me.” – Terri C.